When I stood on the mountain, I watched the rust escape below me across valleys like a spreading stain of dark ruin, dark apocalypse, and I saw the landscape shift and change, grow skeletal and strange at the touch of corrosive chemical ash. This was the last departure gate, the last concourse, a swift escalator ascent beneath ambient lighting towards the hazed runways. This was the final buckling highway impact, steel and plastic and glass and blood in an ethereal haunted rain. This was the last office park, the last forgotten patch of woods swarming between the turnpike toll plazas. This was the bourgeoning and the reckoning, asunder. Cross the names out in black on every government target list. Disconnect the wires. Uncensor the eyes. Your planned communities will not mask you.

Life is still at mid-day. Life seems paused, hovering in between actions, an arm extended to seed the lawn with poison. The shadowy cobwebs of forgotten upstairs rooms, the lingered breaths of words and gestures, all seems shimmering in some languid distance, forgotten and hidden in gloaming, approaching relentlessly. Things looming on horizons, things glimpsed between the branches, things in outskirts beyond sprawl, the crumbles of neon signage and leering billboards and split toxic barrels and charred sofa ruins in gray fields, the thunder drone of highways towards a distant ominous city swelling with dread. Smokestacks and ruins here and there, a clouded fog hovering over slowly blinking lights. Sallow suburbs barely at the edge of visibility. Roads littered with carbon monoxide residue on the fern leaves. Crumbling magnetic tape and decaying photographs, static VHS, scratched reels of negatives. Half-collapsed homes in flames.

Out here is only nothingness.


Lost Trail is Zachary Corsa and Denny Wilkerson Corsa, with help from many friends that have included: Andrew Weathers, Fraser McGowan, A. Campbell Payne, Charles Wright, Derek Cohen, Tim Collapse, Adam Holquist, Tyler Davidson, P.D. Wilder, Jordan Barger, Sebastian Figueroa, Emily Highnam, Meg Mulhearn, Lance Higdon, Marcel Thee, Kari Haddy, Bobby Yagodich, Dan Nichols, Joshua Rogers, Stephen Palke, Emily Pate, Emily Brawley, Nate Wagner, Carter Fourqurean, Nick Johnson, Sam Brown, Luke Selden, Anna Seagrave, Jenni Levenbook and Robert Watson.

In this and other projects, we've collaborated with friends including: Scott Cortez, Linden Pomeroy, Cody Drasser, Dave Watkins, Daniel Knef, Gio Andollo, Nate Wagner, Justin Ellis, Zack Stamper, Eric Perrault, Austin Glover, David Colohan, Richard Moult, Anthony Washburn, Michael Tanner, David Suyeong, Menteur, Sean Renner, Aaron Brookshire, Joshua Brookshire, and Lukas Lunden. We're very thankful.

We've worked with far too many labels to list here, but a few of these include Driftless, Bleeding Gold, Reverb Worship, Wist Rec, Illuminated Paths, Wounded Wolf, Walnut + Locust, and Already Dead Tapes. 

Please direct any questions here. You can find our music, and the music of other related projects, for sale or download at our Bandcamp. An even older Bandcamp exists here for earlier material and B-sides.

Here is our Twitter (please follow this for any release news), our Vimeo, our Soundcloud, our Ello, and our Tumblr. You can surely find other media of ours (videos we've made, writings, interviews, reviews, etc.) floating about YouTube and the internet.

For download, here is an attempt at a thorough discography, which will be regularly updated. This includes a link to a complete song list, which will also be regularly updated. Here is our official biography, for press purposes and such.

Here is a complete list of materials used, for the curious; Zach's electric guitar setup can be found at Equipboard. Also, here are some photographs, poems, and rambly weird writings (you can find more poetry and writings at La Foret De Flammes, an old personal blog).

You can also find here a collection of links to friends and to various causes we support.

We give other artists full clearance and permission to remix our material or sample from our material in any way they see fit.

We no longer perform live, nor hold shows at our home, Staycation, in Burlington, NC. We're relocating to the Memphis area in the summer of 2016. Our cassette label, Wood Thrush Tapes, is dormant for now. All side projects are currently dormant, as well. If you feel a need for our physical address re: any correspondence, please ask at the email address linked above.

Much thanks to Pitchfork, Tiny Mix Tapes, The Wire, Decoder, Flashlight Tag, Fluid Radio, Killer Ponytail, Textura, Vital Weekly, Heathen Harvest, Headphone Commute, SSG, Eternity Tree, Microphones In The Trees, Sloucher, The Outer Church, A Closer Listen (whom Zach writes pieces for occasionally), Tabs Out, Ad Hoc, International Times, ATTN, Beach Sloth, Tape Famous, Half Gifts, Forest Punk, Weed Temple, and all the other good folks who've written about us or interviewed us over the years. Thanks for getting the word out.

Nothing is fucked forever.
Nothing Is Fucked Forever